CryoPRO™-2 Bag Sets

Cryopreservation/storage bag sets

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CryoPRO™-2 Cryopreservation/Storage Bag Sets

The CryoPRO™-2 Cryopreservation/Storage Bag Set is a single-use closed system designed to work with the SynGenX®-1000 System. The 20 mL of buffy coat harvested from the SynGenX®-1000 Disposable Cartridge is added to the proprietary mixing chamber and mixed with 5 mL of DMSO/Dextran cryoprotectant while being maintained at a constant temperature of between 4 to 6 °C. It is then transferred to the three-dimensional blow-molded freezing bag.


Key Features:

  • Freezing bag with two discrete compartments, eliminates sealing between bags
  • Optimal and efficient mixing of the cryoprotectant and buffy coat in the proprietary mixing chamber


The CryoPRO-2 Cryopreservation/Storage Bag Set incorporates a new three dimensional, blow molded freezing bag design. That eliminates the need for heat sealing the fluid bridges between the large and small compartments and the risk of leakage associated with that process.

How It Works

The CryoPRO™-2 Cryopreservation/Storage Bag Set has two major components:

  • Mixing Chamber
    The mixing chamber is where the DMSO/Dextran cryoprotectant is introduced through a 0.2 micron pore size filter to mix with the cord blood buffy coat.  The design of the mixing chamber optimizes mixing during cryoprotectant addition.
  • Freezing Bag
    The freezing bag has two discrete compartments – 5 mL and 20 mL.




The Freezing Bag


The CryoPRO-2 Cryopreservation/Storage Bag Set input tubing is sterile-docked to the buffy coat harvest tubing of the SynGenX® -1000 Disposable Cartridge. The buffy coat is mixed and then transferred by gravity flow into the mixing chamber.  5 mL DMSO/Dextran cryoprotectant solution is introduced through a 0.2 micron pore size filter. After the DMSO is introduced and mixed with the buffy coat, the cryoprotected buffy coat is transferred into the two-compartment freezing bag, which is tube-sealed and readied for freezing and cryogenic storage.



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