Tube Welding Workstation

A labor-saving means of docking cord blood collection bag to disposable cartridge

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Tube Welding Workstation

This Workstation provides a labor saving means of sterile docking the cord blood collection bag to the input tubing of the SynGenX®-1000 Disposable Cartridge and, later in the process as shown here, the buffy coat harvest tubing of the Disposable Cartridge to the CryoPRO™-2 Cryopreservation/Storage Bag Set. The Tube Welding Workstation optimizes the lengths of the docked tubing for the gravity flow of the initial transfer of blood into the SynGenX®-1000 Cartridge and also for the transfer of 20 mL buffy coat into the mixing chamber of the CryoPRO-2 set.

The Tube Welding Workstation’s removable transfer tray provides a convenient way to move up to four (4) control module/cartridge assemblies between workstations and the four-bucket table top centrifuge to improve workflow.